Disease-control Policies
In accordance with the disease-control policies of the Council of Agriculture, Ger Chean has set up netted fences all around the raising yards to prevent wild birds from entering for the feed and spreading diseases. Ten days before slaughtering, samples of feces and serum of the ducks are collected and delivered to the Department of Veterinary Medicine, National Chung Hsing University, for examinations of bird flu. If H5- or H7-type bird flu is found, disease-control institutions will be notified immediately to help take actions.

Medicine Control
Ger Chean places strict demands on the duck farmers and feed suppliers to avoid the problems of medicine residues in the ducks. First, feed suppliers are required to distinctly distinguish the vehicles carrying medicine-added feed from those carrying feed without medicines to avoid cross-contamination. Next, duck farmers are strictly forbidden to add medicines to the feed after the ducks are 40 days old. Finally, 25 days before slaughtering, samples of duck flesh are sent to National Animal Industry Foundation for examinations of medical residues. Should any medical residues be found, the duck farmers will be ordered to keep raising the ducks until they can be purchased only when no such residues are found.
The processing operations from live ducks to carcasses to frozen packed meat are all carried out according to the standards of humanity, hygiene, freshness, and safety, for the consumers to eat with an ease of mind and become healthier.

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