[The First Duck-producing Factory in Taiwan to Pass ISO22000 ]
In 2005, ISO developed a system suitable for the examination of the safety management of foods, namely, “ISO22000—Requirements of the System of Food Safety Management,” ISO22000, for short, including HACCP Hazard Control of Products. Through the verifications of this system, food products in the world can acquire the trust of the consumers. For the consumers to enjoy world-class services, Ger Chean has endeavored to become the first duck-processing factory in Taiwan to pass ISO22000.


[ The Only Duck Meat Manufacturer verified for Traceability System of Production and Sales in Taiwan ]
From producing to selling, we have a complete and crystallized resume of the information of all the processes. With this resume, we ensure the health and ease of mind of the consumers. Ger Chean is the first qualified duck-producing factory in Taiwan to have his complete resume.

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